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 Information: Castle siege dates

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PostSubject: Information: Castle siege dates   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:01 am

Well, here is the information about castle sieges. They will begin next week and will not be modified. Each castle will have their own day to be taken. The siege time will be always the same: 20.00 GMT+1:00 (Paris, London, Madrid).

Gludio Castle: Monday 21, April.

Dion Castle: Tuesday 22, April.

Giran Castle: Wednesday 23, April.

Oren Castle: Thursday 24, April.

Aden Castle: Friday 25, April.

Innadril Castle: Saturday 26, April.

Rune Castle: Saturday 26, April.

Goddard Castle: Sunday 27, April.

Schuttgart Castle: Sunday 27, April.
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Information: Castle siege dates
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