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 Skills Enchant

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PostSubject: Skills Enchant   Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:24 pm


Paladin: Aden Castle Town, Warrior's Guild
Hell Knight: Hunters Village Warrior Guild
Necromancer: Ivory Tower, one of the magisters on the Human Mage floor .
Sorceror: Ivory Tower, one of the magisters on the Human Mage floor.
Warlock: Ivory Tower
Bishop: Hardin's Academy
Prophet: Hardin's Academy
Treasure Hunter: Aden Warrior Guild
Hawkeye: Aden Warrior Guild
Warlord: Aden Warrior Guild
Gladiator: Aden Warrior Guild

Abyss Walker: Hardin's Academy, Dark Knight Mordred
Phantom Ranger: Hardin's Academy
Spellhowler: Ivory Tower, Magister Ladd in the Dark Wizards floor.
Shilien Knight: Hardin's Academy, Dark Knight Mordred
Bladedancer: -----
Phantom Summoner: -----
Shilien Elder: Hardin's Academy

Spellsinger: Ivory Tower, one of the magisters in the Elven Mage floor.
Temple Knight: -----
Swordsinger: -----
Plainswalker: Hunters Village Warrior Guild
Silver Ranger: Hunters Village Warrior Guild
Elven Elder: -----
Elemental Summoner: -----

Warcryer: Rune village, Seer Mekara
Overlord: Rune village, Seer Mekara
Tyrant: Rune Village, Warriors Guild, Prefect Tazki
Titan: Rune Village, Warriors Guild

Warsmith: -----
Scavenger: -----

Hardin´s academy

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Skills Enchant
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