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 Info Clan and Reputation Points

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PostSubject: Info Clan and Reputation Points   Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:43 pm

Create a Clan

Any character over level 10 may create a clan. When a character has reached level 10 or higher, he/she can go to the NPC responsible for clan creation. Clan names may be comprised of up to 16 alphabetical and numerical characters and cannot include spaces or special characters.

Level up you clan.Here the Info

Level 0:
• Member Registration (10 members)
• Expel a Member
• Dissolve a Clan
• Clan Chat

Level 1:
• Increase Members (15 members)
• Use Clan Warehouse
• Manage Clan Warehouse

Level 2:
• Increase Members (20 members)
• Participate in Clan Hall Auctions
• Manage Clan Hall
• Install Clan Hall Upgrades
• Use Clan Message Board

Level 3:
• Increase Members (30 members)
• Add Clan Emblem
• Add Clan Crest
• Give Titles to Clan Members
• Declare War
• Make Clan Announcements

Level 4:
• Increase Members (40 members)
• Participate in a Siege
• Build Siege Headquarters skill (clan leader)
• Seal of Ruler skill (clan leader)
• Manage Castle
• Install Castle Upgrades

Level 5:
• Increase Members (60 members)
• Establish and Break Alliances
• Create the Academy
• Begin Earning Reputation Points
• Learn Clan Skills

Level 6:
• Increase members (100 members)
• Create the Royal Guard
• Learn Clan Skills

Level 7:
• Increase members (140 members)
• Create the Order of Knights
• Learn Clan Skills

Level8 :
• Learn Clan Skills

Organizational Structure:

Player Ranks:

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Info Clan and Reputation Points
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